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Eco 387L (24): Mathematical Economics Fall 2006


Professor: Takashi Hayashi


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Session 1 (#34185): TTH 2:00-3:30pm -- BRB 2.136


Session 2 (#34187): TTH 6:30-8:00pm -- BRB 2.136




TA: Thang Nguyen




Phone:   (512) 232-9671


Office:   BRB 3.146


Hours:   Wed 12:00-2:00 pm


Review: Fri 3:00-4:30 pm -- MEZ 1.120 (Mezes Hall, behind Business School)






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Keys to P-Sets


Key to HW1   Note1


Key to HW2   Note2


Key to HW3   Note3


Key to HW4   Note4




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Closedness and openness